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Before You Go To Tangier



  • A camera. There are lots of things to take a photo of in Tangier. A different culture, interesting old buildings, delicious food.
  • Change (1 USD=8.21 Moroccan Dirham)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • VISA?


  • Hygiene may be a concern, take antiseptics with you.
  • Do not buy food on the street for your health safety.
  • As also my tour guide had warned, keep an eye on your bags. THIEVERY!
  • Try not to use the public toilets.

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One Day in Tangier



During my trip to Andalusia, we’ve decided to take a ferry and pass to Morocco and spend the day there, where I was gonna visit for the second time, but this time another city: Tangier. Because we didn’t have a British Visa, we couldn’t pass from Gibraltar. Fortunately, there is always a second choice in life: we crossed Gibraltar from the Spanish side, Tarifa.

We drove from the British Side to Spanish side. This is the photo of Gibraltar, that connects Eurpe to Africa, was taken by me when we stopped for a view of the sea.


Then we headed to Tarifa to take the ferry to Tangier.
When we arrived to Tangier, the guide we had booked at Tarifa welcomed us. We first had a panoramic city tour. The city basically has two parts:

1. The “New” Part
The new part is full of hotels, skyscrapers, apartments and beaches. Avenue Mohammed VI is the most popular (can be considered as main) avenue of the city.


The avenue at the seaside and it’s surrounded by parks where you can find the local people sitting, chatting and wandering. If you are traveling by car though, you should keep in mind that there is a lot of traffic especially on this street.


2. The “Old” Part

This is where the main journey begins. The old side is very crowded, not hygienic at all, the streets are very narrow. I strictly recommend that you do not visit without a guide. Although there isn’t much to see (monuments etc.), it will be a great cultural experience for you.

Our tour in the old city began with the Food Market. There, you can see old women making bread, men selling meat (chicken, beef), vegetables, spices… You can find all the elements of their cuisine. After our “tour of food” we were guided to a restaurant nearby.

The most important thing for a human being is of course food :) I recommend you to not buy anything from the street (just a precaution). As I’ve mentioned before, we had a guide with us, so he took us to a place for our lunch. Try Harira (a soup) and tagine (traiditional dish made with chicken, beef or etc., and couscous). As drink, try Moroccan Mint Tea. I should admit that it has a strange taste. The dishes came in traditional plates, the decoration was totally Moroccan, and there was live music; so we could catch the Moroccan atmosphere.


Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the restaurant.

More about Moroccan Food

After feeding ourselves, we headed to the streets of the old city. I’ve told you that there isn’t much to see (monuments etc.) so our tour was more of a cultural tour, that we visited local stores, saw local houses, and obviously bought souvenirs. The only place you shouldn’t leave Tangier before seeing it, is the mosque. It really looks beautiful. It’s small, but very cute.

Henna is a popular thing especially in Arab countries, so I and my friends decided to get a “henna tattoo” on our hands. If you wish to get one, I suggest you to check out the little beauty salon at the center.

After all these things in Tangier, we headed to the port in order to return to Tarifa.

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